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Kalyani Public School, Barasat


In Kalyani Public School, Barasat we follow a strict policy of 75% attendance. As per boards rule it 75%. During school hours no student is allowed to leave the school campus without the permission of the principal. An absentee must produce a letter from the parents/guardians explaining the cause of absence. A continued absence for 15 days without prior notice is liable to get his / her name struck off the attendance roll. No leave expect the medical one is granted for a period of 3 days or more and even that too must be supported by a genuine medical certificate. The leave application must be accompanied by this certificate at the time of rejoining the class. In case of any infectious disease must clearly be mentioned in the M.C. The students affected with or exposed to such disease must inform the school authority and he or she should complete the quarter time period before they rejoin the school.